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The Grove Project:

The first project is to enhance the Grove and rebuild the old serving area in the grove to be more usable and safer. Our goal with the table project we had a couple of years ago was to create a similar experience for the current school that we have with the grove. The school is now wanting to establish our tradition of eating in the grove. We have met with the school and we the board feel these proposed enhancements will help foster this as well:

     Corrugated metal to match near by dorms.  trussed, possible extension.
      Sourced from Spacker bldg. Minimum 60A., 220 V., 1 ph. with sub panel.
      Lights and outlets in serving area, Outlets under tables, 4-6 pole lights in grove/outlets
     To serving area + hose bibs
      Rehab 2 drinking fountains (The Walter Cox Fountain & the new one school built)

4.  Serving Counter Tops

5.  Serving Area Slab
     Concrete - widen/lengthen, make non trip approaches.

6.  Trash Containers 
     4-6 Concrete

7.  Fire-Pit / Benches

8.  Reset Tables Concrete Picnic Tables
     Spread them out evenly throughout the grove.

These are the ideas and suggestion we came up with at the meeting with the school, we are just now in the planning stages and we will be refining plans and needs over the next few weeks.

NEEDS: We will need volunteer help to keep our costs down on this project. We would like to thank Don Sceville '75 who has volunteered to help in construction so far.
IMMEDIATE NEED: We have an Immediate need right now of a volunteer Architect to help us draw up plans to present to the current school for approval and so we can better estimate the funds we will need for this project. This does not have to be a "Blueprint" however, it will require technical drawing of the area showing; future water, sewer and electrical lines and the proposed structure of the serving area.

If anyone can help us with these needs, please contact any one of the board members!


San Pasqual Academy
Alumni Association

Board of Directors
Mark Waldo '85, President
Danny J Goff '70, VP/Webmaster
Don Conibear '63, Treasurer
Charlotte Young '83, Secretary
Ivy Glasscock Westmoreland '74, Sgt at Arms