We would like to honor and remember those of our classmates that have passed away. Please submit any information including remembrances so we can post them. Please submit info to: Webmaster

Dawn Alexander-Allred

Passed away August 2013
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Mark Angell '68

A Note from Mark's sister,Marilee "Angell" Walker. Mark was born June 19, 1949 and passed away May 13, 2002 in Redlands, California at the age of 53.  Following San Pasqual Academy, he went to Union College for one year and PUC for another year. He was drafted into the White Coats and spent his military time mostly in Washington DC where he worked in the controllers office at Walter Reed, using his business background. Following release from the army, he started a career in food and beverages, managing banquets for hotels, etc. He became assistant manager for the Sheraton aiport hotel in San Diego and we had many weeks of free rooms and free food which was alot of fun! He managed the Black Angus Restaurant in Cerritos,and spent many years as Manager of Anna's Italian Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. In his 20's, Mark decided to train for the Boston Marathon and it was not unusual for Mark to be seen running 10 miles a day throughout the Loma Linda, Grand Terrace area. One of the big disappointments in Mark's life was breaking his ankle the week before the race and not being able to fun.  But, Mark took up Golf instead and became passionate about it, often playing up to three times a week. He also made sure his sister, niece and nephew all had golf clubs, so that they could play too! Most vacations became "golf" vacations and he made sure that he visited friends who shared his passion for golf.  Mark decided to move home with his mother, following the death of his father in 1992, and lived there with her for approx. 10 years. While there, he went back to school to finish his BA degree in Business. He had moved out approx. a year before his death and was living in Redlands and managing the AM/PM mini-mart on Redlands Blvd. Mark was not married and had no children, but often enjoyed teasing his niece and nephew when they visited.   Mark had a very extended family of those that worked for him and we heard many stories about how Mark had helped each and every one of them, giving them money, letting the pregnant women continue working until due day, although the company disapproved. These women told us how they would not have had money for their other children had they not been allowed to work and said they would always appreciate what Mark had done for them. Mark truly made an impact on many people around him. A friend of our's has set up a camp scholarship fund in Mark's name. The first year, one child was sent to camp who otherwise could not have afforded to go, and this last year, we sent 4.  If anyone is interested in donating money to to the Mark Angell Scholarship Fund. Please send to: 
Rocky Mountain Conference of SDA
2520 South Downing Street
Denver CO 80210
Phone:(303) 733-3771 Fax:(303) 733-1843

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Adelberto ("Bert") Barajas '62 Adelberto Barajas passed away in 2003 after battling the effects of diabetes for many years. Bert is remembered as a hard-working, soft-spoken student employee of the Golden Rule Bindery, where he worked during the school year and summers as well. Bert worked in the Central Service Department at Paradise Valley Hospital for more than a decade. Survivors include one son, two daughters and several grandchildren. Info submitted by Judy Haas Bingham, Class of 1961.
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Stanley William Behm "65"
Stanley Behm 65
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Phil Blackburn - Staff
Passed December 31, 2013
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Harold Bradbury "72"
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Stanley Brown '72

Our classmate during our freshman and sophomore years in 1969 and 1970.  Stanley and Chip Senecal were the Miami Vice of SPA with their attire.  Stanley passed on March 7, 2011 in the Portland Oregon area.

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Winona Browning '54

Passed away September 9, 2013
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Dawn L. Brehms-Davis ”93“
June 19, 1975 ~ April 02, 2009

Dawn L. Brehms-Davis, age 33, of Mount Vernon, passed away Thursday April 2, 2009 at the Knox Community Hospital in Mount Vernon. Dawn was born June 19, 1975 in Deer Park, California, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the Southwest Adventist University in Keene, Texas an taught at the Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School in Mount Vernon.
She was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Hill Church in Mount Vernon.
Surviving are her husband Rodney Davis; her mother and stepfather Carla and James Darby of Mount Vernon; her father and stepmother Randolph and Karen Brehms of Weaverville, California; a stepson Ryan Davis of Mount Vernon a stepdaughter Autumn Davis of Mount Vernon; her half sisters Heidi Brehms of Weaverville, California and Heather Brehms of Keene, Texas; her half brother Justin Brehms of Omaha, Nebraska; and two stepbrothers James Darby Jr. of Perris, California and John Darby of Redmond, Oregon.
Friends may call Sunday from 4pm to 6pm at the Dowds-Snyder Funeral Home, 201 Newark Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. Funeral services will be Monday at 11am at the Seventh Day Adventist Hill Church 535 Wooster Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050. Burial will follow at Mount Vernon Memorial Gardens.
Memorial contributions can be made to the Arthritis Foundation, PO Box 96280, Washington, D.C. 20077.

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Jim Cary '68

Jim Cary passed away in December, 1972 while living in Colorado. He was best man at his brother John's weddings about 2 weeks before he passed away. He was always a cheerful "BIG" guy. We hope to have more info soon.

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John Cary '69

John Alvin Cary was born June 29, 1951 in Los Angeles, California and lost a courageous battle to lung cancer May 11, 1992 in Houston, Texas. At the time of his death, he was survived by his wife Vickie of 19 years, sons Mark age16 and Brian age 15. John was a loving husband and very devoted father.
He left California in 1972 to get married and live in Houston. He said what he would miss in California was the backpacking, riding motorcycles up the Mountains and quarter miling his 1969 Dodge Dart that he built up for racing.
He enjoyed outdoor activities with his family such as motorcycling, camping and boating He was a big fan of professional baseball and football going to the events as well as watching them on television. He was active with his sons in scouting during which he was Den leader then became a Cub Master. Johnny was always one that his family and friends could count on and if you needed a handyman, John was just a phone call away. His mechanical and electrical knowledge was tremendous. He held many Mechanical and Electrical Certifications. One of his closest friends once said I wish there was a way to be able to attach a computer to download his knowledge for everyone to benefit.
John would be so proud of his sons today. Mark graduated college, married, has a beautiful daughter and is working in management overseeing over 100 employees in his section at a Large Medical Supply Corporation. Brian graduated college with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and is now currently in New York pursuing a degree in becoming a Physician Assistant.

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Marva Dorchuck Cervantes
Passed May 2008
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Walter "Wally" Dale Cox (1922-2006) (Faculty)

Video Tribute April 19-21, 1996

By Kenneth Walter Cox, in loving memory You may have already heard that Dad died at home Thursday morning, October 12, about 11:30 a.m., just three weeks shy of his eighty-fourth birthday. At his side stood my Mom, a position she honored for the sixty-two years of their marriage. In the past six years, Dad’s health has suffered a steady decline, including mental deterioration due to Alzheimer’s.My sister, Christine, who lives in Yountville, provided constant positive support to Mom during her caregiving. About ten days before Dad died, he leaned over the front porch rail and told the yard boy that something had happened in his head, that he didn’t feel right. This was his second reported episode in the last few months. Days later, he collapsed while in the bathroom, even with Mom by his side trying to support him. Two days after that, he again fell in the front room, then got up and sat in his chair without a complaint, ate his dinner, and went to bed. Next day, Friday morning, October 6, he could not get up, though he was lucid and as engaged as his Alzheimer’s condition allowed. He continued to smile and interact through Tuesday, but on Wednesday ate very little, and didn’t communicate well. Dad died late Thursday morning while Mom and a helper were attending to him. As he was passing beyond this lifetime, Mom lovingly reassured him that things were all right. That afternoon, all of Dad’s local family assembled, gathered around his bed, and took the last picture. Barry, his wife and kids. Tina, her family. Along with myself; my kids don’t live locally. On his bed were a few stuffed animals Tina had brought up a week earlier. Dad kept calling one stuffed tiger by his devoted rat terrier’s name, “Buddy.” About three o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral home arrived to commence their arrangements, including Dad’s cremation. His remains eventually will be in the San Pasqual Cemetery next to my infant sister, Carmie Jo. Dad’s transition out of this lifetime was relatively quick, with adequate notice, and after a very full life. He passed on a beautiful mid-autumn Angwin day as Indian summer’s light breezes brought brightly colored but worn-out leaves wafting down from their magical places. We watched reverently as the day’s weakening sun cast its golden spell into shadowed spaces. The last time Dad greeted me was as I returned home from work, just a few days before he died. He stood on the deck outside the front door, smiling broadly, sincerely elated that I had made my daily reappearance. I have lived with Mom and Dad for the last fifteen years, to lend support. Cartoon caricature artists have a knack for capturing a person’s essence and what best defines them. In his life, Dad never met a stranger. I think my dad’s essence was his ready smile. Some people become permanently grumpy and mean when afflicted by confusing dementia, but Dad mostly displayed good humor, except at the very end when he had acute moments of pain, desperate anxiety, and helpless frustration. Dad’s early years might have stifled a lesser person. At his birth, the attending physician in Sioux City, Iowa, thought him so fragile and unpromising that he suggested the infant be set aside to expire; thankfully, the midwife would have none of it. On Dad’s eighth birthday, his father was killed while removing a stump on the bank behind their home. Shortly thereafter, Dad’s mother remarried an abusive older man whom all five children came to fear and abhor. Then, in the depths of the Depression, the whole family pulled up stakes to relocate to Bayfield, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Superior. They probably would have done fine had not their team of horses become ill and died, which is equivalent to today’s farmer having an uninsured Caterpillar tractor stolen. The family survived hand-to-mouth through many cruel, poor years, often beholden to the kindness of neighbors and strangers. Dad recalled walking two miles both to and from school – “Uphill both ways!” – with winter temperatures forty below zero. Many a morning, he awoke in their rented home to brush snow off his bedding, snow which had sneaked past the newspaper/wallpaper they tacked over the numerous chinks in the wooden siding. Yet through hard work, intelligence, providence and perseverance, Dad and his siblings survived and determined to create a better life and to prosper. Recently, Dad recounted to our housekeeper the story of how his father had been killed and about how lovingly and kindly his father always treated him. This relationship was mentioned quite a few times during the last months of Dad’s life, which indicated to Mom and me how deeply the childhood loss of his father was fused into the consciousness of even his weakened mind. “My father’s name was Talmadge. T-a-l-m-a-d-g-e. Soon I’ll be with him,” he reported to us. Toward the end, Dad also frequently recalled being drafted into World War II out of old Bethel Academy midway through his senior year, again indicating the traumatic effect of that episode. Dad never used a walker, never needed a cane, but always traversed life undaunted and courageous. Even when his body was, because of both disease and hard work, a bit bent and disfigured, he remained strong as an ox, with a handshake-grip that could make you wince in pain. Dad was afraid of nothing, tackling the biggest projects unabated. This contrasted nicely with Mom’s temperament, being more reserved and supportive. Both Dad and Mom have left their mark on mankind. For seventeen years, Mom was Executive Assistant to Charles Bell, Academic Vice President of Pacific Union College. Her sterling service speaks to her native abilities. At San Pasqual Academy, she worked daily in the Administration Building in many capacities. She never completed her college education, but instead supported Dad’s higher education. The family’s deepest sorrow was the death of their newborn daughter, Carmen Josephine, which was quickly supplanted by the adoption of precious baby Christine “Tina” Louise. After being a longtime teacher at San Pasqual Academy, Dad earned a Ph.D. and became Chairman of Technical Education at Pacific Union College. Dad never yearned for fame and cared nothing about fortune. Financial wealth was, to him, less than sawdust. Dad was always -- first and foremost -- a teacher. What he valued was the chance to support individual students to achieve his or her highest potential . He held those in his tutelage close to his heart as a sacred trust, deeming them worthy of his complete devotion and best efforts. Glory-laud-and-honor for him was watching the successes of his pupils. While not diminishing his enjoyment of college teaching experiences, Dad freely admitted that his years at San Pasqual Academy were the pinnacle of his career. At SPA he taught what was then called Industrial Arts, and also an English class or two. He never tired of recalling past relationships enjoyed with his students, fun times during suppers in the eucalyptus grove, Saturday night walks to the river, campouts, meetings with Associated Student Body officers... you name it! If kids were involved in an activity, Dad loved it! This was his element. The essence of Dad — how to define it?? A cheery whistle, signaling his coming before you could actually see him... Harmonica playing, often accompanied by “clicking-the-bones”, yes, taken from his family’s deceased horse... Woodcarvings hanging on our home’s walls... Wood-turned bowls sitting on our tables... Hand-crafted furniture, including the desk on which my computer sits... A chandelier, suspended over me now in our living room... Dad really loved to work with his hands. Mom, Barry, and I helped Dad build the Angwin house in which he lived and died, where Mom and I will continue to live. Together, we built a Medieval-style castle in Chiles Valley, twenty miles from here, where Barry and Carolyn live, plus a Spanish-style house I once owned in Placerville. Dad really loved to work with his mind, having a life-long intrigue with words. Our Random House dictionary lies in tatters, testament to much consultation with its pages. He could recite poetry by the hour, lines memorized in early years. He spread his messages out onto the airwaves in ham radio communications with friends in far places. Both Mom and Dad have nurtured in us a love of language. Mom writes family history. I personally have found joy in writing my soon-to-be-published manuscript and my daughter just finished her first novel. Dad’s best measure, however, may be his personal engagements with family, with his surroundings, with his many friends and acquaintances, and certainly with attentive service to students, year after year. If what one values most is where one spends his time, with his students is where Dad spent most of his time. It is not given to me to confer sainthood on my Dad, and he – fraught with humanity – seemed to desire it little. Except perhaps, if sainthood is the ticket to be able to spend an eternity with you who have blessed his life here on this earth.

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Robert Charles "Bob" Davidson (Faculty 1962 - 1965)

Robert Charles "Bob" Davidson 66, passed away peacefully while surrounded by his family on August 29th, 2006 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is survived by his wife of nearly 45 years, Carol; children Chuck (Christy) Davidson, Cheryl Davidson and Robyn (Christopher) Lake; and grandchildren Adam, Nathanael and Karyssa Davidson. He is also survived by his brothers; Kenneth (Jan) Davidson and Richard (Jo Ann) Davidson, six nieces and nephews and 4 grandnieces. Bob was born in Glendale, CA on December 23, 1939. In 1961 he received his BA in physics from La Sierra College (now La Sierra University), Riverside, CA and his MAT in mathematics from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI in 1964. He met his wife, Carol Nelson '58 while they were both students at LSC and they were married on September 10, 1961 in Escondido, CA. Bob taught physics and mathematics at San Pasqual Academy from 1962 - 1965 and at Andrews Academy from 1965 - 1970. He also taught classes at Andrews University before transitioning to computer programming. He retired from Lexis Nexis in 2004 as a senior software engineer. Bob loved the out-of-doors and had a way of sparking in others an appreciation for God's creation.  He won awards for his nature photography, which focused on the mountains and deserts he loved.  He hiked many of Colorado's "14ers", 4-wheeled numerous  high passes in the state and belonged to the Colorado Mountain Club, Friends on Foot, and Friends of Cheyenne Canyon. Bob was an avid explorer, and shared his love for travel with Carol.  He visited all 50 states finishing with recent trips to Alaska and Hawaii. Most of his adventures were shared with his children, grandchildren, brothers, extended family and friends. A memorial service was held Saturday, September 9th, 2006 at the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado. In Memory of Bob, donations may be made to help fight melanoma to the Teri Lynn Kuhlman Cancer Foundation, P.O. Box 123, College Place, WA 99324,

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Ann Davies-Acton '72

Passed away Friday 3/20/09.
Memorial Service Audio
Family Pictures

LOVING MOTHER, SCHOOL TEACHER & GRANDPARENT ANN DAVIES ACTON Passed away in the evening of March 20, 2009 due to heart failure at Kaiser Sunset in Los Angeles, California. Ann passed at the young age of 54. Born May 29, 1954 to her parents, Robert Milton Davies Jr. and Doris Matsuye Yamashiro at the San Diego U.S. Naval Hospital. A 1972 graduate of the San Pasqual Academy, Ann devoted herself at a young age to the service of others. First studying to be a professional nurse, Ann later switched her academic focus to public education. She shined for many years as a special education instructor for VIP Tots, where she is remembered for her compassion and talent in brightening the lives of disabled children. In 1997, Ann devoted her energy to mainstream public education. She spent the last several years teaching 2nd and 3rd grade students at Estudillo Elementary School in the San Jacinto Unified School District, where she is fondly remembered for her competence, compassion, and endearing kindness. Also known for a passion for exercise, Ann has been a loyal member of Hemet Jazzercise for 30 years, even jazzercizing through the pregnancies of her three children. In her spare time, Ann enjoyed spending time with family, playing with her grandchildren and traveling with her friend and companion, Miles Vreeland. Together, Ann and Miles explored much of our world, from the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan to the bustling streets of Paris, France. Ann is survived by her brothers, Dave and Robert; her sister, Patty; her daughter, Lindsay Anady; her two sons, Matthew and Troy; her three grandchildren, McKenna, Kalia, and David Anady, and the expectant arrival of two more grandchildren, Damon Michael Seong-ju Anady (from South Korea) and Harlee-Ann Davies Acton. A model of love and affection, Ann will be remembered for her boundless energy and generosity of spirit. She will be greatly missed. The Memorial Service was held at Bible Fellowship Church in Hemet, this Saturday, March 28th at 3:00pm.

In lieu of flowers, a scholarship has been set up: Ann Acton Memorial Scholarship Bank of Hemet 1600 E Florida Ave Hemet, CA 92544 951-766-4100 Any info to the family or to write a tribute to Ann, please send to:

Ann was my very best friend! -- Ann & I first met one Sabbath when my family visited the little SDA church in Poway (we were probably in 7th grade at that time). The next time I saw Ann was our freshman year. My parents asked the dean to send someone up to help with cleaning the house. Imagine my embarrassment when who but Ann showed up at our door! She asked me where she should start, so I brought out a basket of ironing for her to work on. While she ironed, I cleaned the kitchen and the living room and the bathrooms. I was totally embarrassed! But it worked, my parents never had to hire someone to clean the house ever again!!! Ann and I quickly became best friends. We worked together in the cafeteria, and in the dorm. We even got to help with the painting in the girls' dorm (that way my dad didn't have to bring his guys in to do it) We probably had as much paint on us as on the walls, but we had a lot of fun that summer. But then, we always had fun together no matter what we were doing! Our junior year we were both on the gymnastics team. When it came time for our first performance, Ann was so excited. Unfortunately, her performance didn’t last long. During the first act, her foot slipped and she sprained her ankle. When we got back to campus late that night, she went to her room, only to find that her roommate, Betsy, had company and her bed was occupied. We ended up sleeping on the floor in the dean’s apartment with her foot propped up on a bunch of pillows. Ann could easily have won the title of nicest person on campus! In fact, she was runner up for “Queen of Hearts”! She was kind to everyone, and everyone liked her! Ann could have chosen to hang out with just the most popular students, but she chose me to be her best friend! We were together so much, we decided to be roommates our senior year. We were told that good friends should not room together, that we’d end up hating each other. But, we didn’t listen to them -- they were wrong, we were great roommates! After graduating from San Pasqual in 1972, we both went to college at La Sierra, and we were roommates there too! Sadly, as adults, we got busy with our own lives, work and children. We did not keep in touch much, but when we would get together at class reunions, it was just like old times. I could write volumes, as she did each year in my annual, but I'll leave it at this for now... I miss Ann terribly and can hardly wait to see her again, in heaven! Love you Ann, see you soon! Barbara Lewis Williams 72 I remember Ann as a warm caring person. It was a privilege to know her, and the world was a much better place because of her. Floyd Ashbaugh 72
So sorry to hear about precious Ann! Please send my regards to the family as well as her brother and sister and her adopted family members the Wards. I grew up in Poway and attended the same church so I have a lot of memories of our younger years together. Praying for the family as you all go through this loss together. May we all consider the nearness of our soon coming Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and seeing Ann again on the journey to the kingdom of heaven if found faithful. Love, Teresa Mudersbach Kodimer 72
I remember her and Dan at SPA and will always have her in my beautiful memories of our youth. John Olaiz 72
Did anyone ever see Ann without a smile working at the cafeteria or anywhere else? She was a big time Lakers fan and we shared phone calls during the Showtime era talking about Magic, Sky Hook Kareem, Coop-a-Loop, Big-Game James, By Scott, Normy Nixon, Mac Can-Do, Clark Kent Rambis, and Silk. Thank You Ann for showing us how to be so pleasant and positive everyday. A Su 72
Ann's passing is a tragic loss to all of us. She will be missed greatly. Bill Helm 72
I'll always remember Ann for her dazzling and infectious smile! She was a person that you felt comfortable being around and was fun to hang out with. Steve Brendel 72
Ann was the sister anyone and everyone would want because of her tender caring and kindness, a precious life filled smile and always willing to help. She wanted what was best for each of us and never frowned when a job was given to her and watched over me in her own way when I was given the job to take care of the "kids". Ann touched all she met with love and acceptance. I am so glad she lived the life we all wished we could live as Christians and I look forward to seeing her upon our Saviors return. We were 4 boys and 4 girls and Ann was the next to the youngest sister. Elizabeth Liz Ward Van Etten 69
She was so special. I remember when Dan Peterson, my room mate, was dating her. She would wear Dan's coat which was way to big for her and she looked so precious in it. She always had a smile on her face. One never knows what tomorrow will bring. David Brown 72
Was so sorry to hear Ann had passed away. . .always in my mind is her sweet smile that greeted us at the cafe in the mornings...I along with several other SPA alumni attended her Memorial. . .there were hundreds of local people there. . .all a tribute to her positive life. . .I am honored to have known her. . .she will be missed. Danny J Goff

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Donovan Dinning '68

Robert ”Bobby“ Drake
Dec 31, 1948 - Jul 14, 2007
Bobby worked at Home Depot in Redlands, California and passed away there on July 14th, 2007.
I always remember him as a cheerful guy ready to have fun 24/7! Always a ready smile. . .Danny J Goff '70

Robert ”Bobby“ Drake
Dec 31, 1948 - Jul 14, 2007
Bobby worked at Home Depot in Redlands, California and passed away there on July 14th, 2007.
I always remember him as a cheerful guy ready to have fun 24/7! Always a ready smile. . .Danny J Goff '70
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Shannon Egly
Passed September 21, 2013
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Stig Morgan Engblom '72
October 13, 1952 - April 14, 2012
Stig Morgan Engblom, age 58 of Yucaipa, California passed away April 14, 2012 in Yucaipa. He was born in
Napa, California and had been a Yucaipa resident for the past 21 years. He is survived by his sister, Bernice
Our classmate during our sophomore and junior years in 1970 and 1971. Private internment was held.
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David Enright ”71“
May 10, 1952 ~ May 3, 2010
david enright381830

David Enright, 57, died May 3, 2010 of pancreatic cancer. He was born May 10, 1952 in Pomona, California.
He and his family relocated to Clarkdale, Arizona in 1996. He was a talented landscape artist, craftsman, and builder.
He was employed at the City of Cottonwood as Public Works Inspector until his early retirement in July 2009.
He enjoyed being out in nature, hiking and metal detecting and was interested in the history of the American West.
David became an enthusiast of healthy eating, took a trip around Europe with his wife and daughter in 2009 and spent the summer enjoying the beautiful island of Kauai.
David is survived by his parents; Merrill and Ardis, his wife Patrice of 31 years, his four children Amy, Tessa, Matthew, and Nathaniel; his granddaughter Leah, and siblings Paul, John and Merrilee.

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Tim Garrison '68 February 4, 2013
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Duane L. Gordon '85 April 22, 1967 - Dec. 5, 2005

Duane attended SPA his Junior and Senior year (1983-1985). A couple of years after graduation, Duane married his high school sweetheart Kim Mashburn (Class of 1984). Duane continued school to become a Respiratory Therapist. Duane and Kim had a son Matthew.  Years later Duane and Kim divorced and Duane re-married.   During his second marriage Duane had a daughter Meghan and a son Marc.  Duane was a great father, friend and classmate. He is remembered for his humor, love of music, sports and playing of his guitar. Please remember his children. Matthew (13), Meghan (7) and Marc (4). A Financial Account for contributions has been established for his children:   Duane Gordon Washington Mutual Bank 4 West Redlands Boulevard Redlands, CA  92373 Account #1963470538   Remembrance from a friend:   Duane and I first met in the 2nd. Grade at South Bay Jr. Academy, where he took me under his wing and showed me around. We became best friends, playing baseball, attending summer camp at Camp Cedar Falls and we joined Pathfinders together, not to mention getting into trouble. Our favorite MLB baseball team was the Los Angeles Dodgers and when we played baseball Duane would play first base and I played third .Duane gave me the nickname of “Penguin” after Ron Cey of the Dodgers, that nickname has stuck with me to this day!  We left S.B.J.A. after the 8th. Grade splitting paths, Duane went to Rio Hondo Academy and I went to SPA. Duane later transferred down to SPA his Jr. and Sr. years. We were roommates at SPA and after graduation I was in his wedding with Kim. Duane was my best friend, like a brother. My mom even un-officially adopted him as her 2nd. son.  No matter how long we went without seeing each other, we were right were we left off. I love him dearly and will always remember his good heartedness and humor.   I will sign off as Duane did in my senior yearbook….   …"Friends till death!”   Mark Waldo Class of 1985   Remembrance from a friend:   Duane and I became acquainted in our Junior Year. Later on that year we started hanging out and had a few classes together. Our friendship developed from there. In our Junior year Summer I went on my first long road trip with Duane. What were our parents thinking! We drove to Washington State to visit his sister Lynn. Wow what a great trip and so many good memories I still carry with me to this day!! Duane and I musical tastes were quite different to start, but I learned to like ROCK and he in return enjoyed my music (pop, R&B, soul, etc..).   We stayed in touch in the early years out of Academy. Duane was at my first marriage bachelor party. Although many years have passed I never once felt as though we were disconnected. Through mutual friends such as Mark Waldo ('85) or Rylan Means ('85) I would pass on to him a short “what up”, in return I would get the same feedback   As with many other classmates and experiences in my life while at SPA it seems like it was just yesterday and the years of separation are only evident by the extra pounds and not extra hair.   I still listen and spark up each and every time I hear this song by Dire Straits  “Your so far away from me”   I miss my friend Duane Gordon very much. See you in heaven bro for the next road trip.   Troy Egly Class of 1985  

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Harold (Hal) Hampton (Staff)
Passed June 7, 2010

Mr. Hampton served are the Music Teacher & Choir Director for many years at San Pasqual Academy. He held many positions over the years are different schools as well. He will be missed.
Sunday, June 13th
Memorial Service 12 noon-2:00pm
Viewing 11:00 am-12:00 noon
Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary
3520 E Washington St
Colton CA 92324
We have established a Musical Scholarship fund in Lieu of Flowers. Donations can be made to:Mesa Grande Academy/Hal Hampton Memorial Music Fund Attn: Ed Haddad 975 Fremont Street Calimesa, CA 92320 Funds will be used to help kids with their music lessons and expenses.

June 13, 2010
What can a person say, he was a big part of my life at SPA, and who I am now. He will be missed, and in my thoughts. Good bye, you will be missed. Jerry Mcgee, Class of 73
Jerry McGee,
Longview, Washington

June 13, 2010
Mr. Hampton was an angel to me in so many ways when I was at SPA. I will always remember him as a man who cared, who stood for what was right and who loved expression through song. All my love to he and his family.
Nancy Horko Jones

June 13, 2010
Hal will be remembered as a caring mentor. He encouraged and challenged me musically and spiritually. I was so glad to be able to track him down a couple of years ago and visited with him by phone and exchanged some recordings and memories. Marge thank you so much for sharing Hal with us especially during the New Dimension years. Kip and Cerise my heart is with you this weekend. We did a song titled "He that overcomes shall stand" Hal's intro of verse from Rev about overcomers stays with me still and I look forward to the day when we will stand together as overcomers. Love to you all

Kevin Barnhart,
Fortuna, California

June 11, 2010
Dear Marge,
We are so saddened to hear about Hal. We know that this is a great loss for you and your family. Hal was such a kind, gentle man. We want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you.

West Covina Hills Adventist School Family

Angela Nair,
West Covina, California

June 10, 2010
Mr. Hampton held many titles for me as I blipped across the screen of his life in 1971-1972 at San Pasqual Academy.... he was my boss, my choir director, my bus driver, my mentor, my anchor, but most of all he was a friend! I am confident to say "Mr. Hampton, I'll see you in the Morning!

Rachel Busby Kinne,
Rutland, Vermont

Susanne Nazario Kanen He was also principal at Campion Academy while we were deaning there.

Victor S. Ulmer He was my 7TH-8TH grade band teacher in the Riverside Calif. SDA school.

Steve Divnick
Margie, I just heard about Hal's passing and wanted to send my thoughts. I have so many fond memories of him...beginning with the time it took 3 of us Redlands Junior Academy students to wrestle him to the ground on a band outing on the beach...and then a few years later being on the faculty together at San Pasqual and going on many New Dimension and Choir trips. His was a life that touched so many in a wonderful and positive way.

Wendy Dorn-Recalde
Mrs. Hampton, I was so sorry to hear about Mr. Hampton. You were both such lovely people to all of us, and I have great memories of Bible class at Campion in particular. Much love to you.

Lee Horner
Hal Hampton created opportunities for so many students to have great fun memories. He did that for me. I have thought of him many times over the years and have always felt thankful that I had him as a teacher. So sorry to hear of of his passing. He will be missed.

Gene Bowman
We were shocked to hear about Hal. I didn't hear it until Glen Lewis emailed also Perkins, our thoughts are with you and may God comfort you with the HOPE that we have.Gene and Louise Bowman

Barbara Williams
Margie, so sorry to hear of Hal's passing. You would remember me best as Ivan & June Lewis daughter (next to the youngest). Come to think of it, I think you taught our Freshman English class. And Janet Perkins and I were best friends as faculty brats... and later Ann Davies and I were inseparable. Never did any music, myself, but enjoyed listening to it.

Anthony Ledford
I was hoping 2 see you guys perhaps in a couple weeks at the reunion but now I'm so sorry that Mr Hampton has passed and feel for you Mrs Hampton. I pray the Lord will help you and be close and comfort you and your family. You guys were special to me and so many lives you touched in your lives. Thanks for your example and may we all meet again soon !

Karen Kelley Furst
Dear Margie, I am so sorry to hear about Hal! He was a great man and a wonderful inspiration to many of us. He was so encouraging to everyone he met and was one of my favorite teachers. He will truly be missed!

Cheryl Arendt
Margie, I just found out a few minutes ago,and I am grieving with you. It is so difficult to believe. My prayers are with you and your family. We all loved him. I was in the band and Alapaens with him for three years, also the choir. He was a great man! My Dad is buried there also. They can see Jesus come together. God Bless you.

Jennifer Merklin Murrell
Very sorry to hear this, Marge. The music fund is a wonderful memorial.

Dianne Barton Brass
Mrs. Hampton I was just browsing my FB and saw your post. I am SO sad to hear about Mr. Hampton. I soooo loved him and the 3 years I had with him at MHA in choir and chorale....1976 was a highlight !! The memories will remain. Soon and VERY soon we will all be able to sing praises and worship together....can't WAIT...

Terry Dodge Jr.
Very sorry to hear about your loss. I remember long choir practices with happy memories. He will be missed, praying for you and the family.

Gary L. Clendenon
My condolences on your/our loss. Can't wait to sing with the big guy in the Big Choir up there!!

Melodie Janzen I'm so sorry! He will be missed!

Jacque Weinmann
Mrs. Hampton, I am so sad to hear about Mr. hampton. He was so cool at SPA. I was there from 1972-1976. Never sang with him, but turned pages for Martha Jean at the piano. Mr. Hampton touched a lot of lives, he will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayer are with you and your family.

Barbara Favorito
Margie, I am so sorry for your loss. I have wonderful memories of our teaching days at MHA-----so long ago. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Michael Breen
Margie: I am so sorry to hear this. He will be missed.

Sarah Rebekah Gutierrez
So sad to hear this news. Hal, you were a great Principal.

Terri Dawes
So sorry. He was a nice man.

Lisa Schmidt Blackburn
So sorry for your loss. He made music one of the high points of my time at Mile High.

Carol Pifer Perrin
We were so very sorry to hear of Hal's passing. He was a good boss and I know that we will all meet him in the New Earth. What a wonderful promise

Carolyn Lain Brown
I am so sorry to hear of Hal's passing. My heartfelt thought and prayers are with you.

Kathryn Ratliff
Margie, I'm so sorry to hear about Hal's passing. He was such a wonderful teacher and human being. My high school chorale memories are some of the best of my life. Your relationship set a great example for all of us. He will be missed by us, but I'm sure most of all by you.

Sharon Hanna Canaday
Mrs. Hampton - so VERY sorry to hear of Mr. Hampton's passing. (still not comfortable calling you Margie and Hal!!) I remember how he went to bat for me working down at the elementary school, because I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and then I got to work in YOUR classroom, double bonus!! You two are special people in my heart. (you do know, don't you, that I did become a teacher - and now I'm homeschooling my own kids) You'll be in my prayers as you go on by yourself. Hang on to Jesus - He will carry you through. Thank GOD we have the blessed hope of seeing our loved ones again - SOON!!!

Helen Joy Cassidy
Mrs. Hampton, I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Hampton. You were both so wonderful to me when I attended Campion. I am lifting you up in prayer. Sending you love.

Lori Wacker Knapp
Mrs. Hampton, I am so sorry. Mr. Hampton taught me a lot, and he will be missed!

Lisa Boyd Bowen
So much love to your family right now.... So many memories I treasure from both Laurelwood and Campion. God's peace be with you.

Brenda Fletcher Manley
Ahh...Mrs. Hampton, many prayers and hugs to you as you go on without your friend! I worked for Mr. Hampton at LAA in the early 80's...I loved him dearly. He was a great mentor, boss and friend

Kim Carle Brown
I am adding my prayer for you and your family during this time. I have many memories of your time at Campion with Mr. Hampton as our principal. May the Lord hold you close during this time.

Cheryl Peterson Reile
Mrs. Hampton, I am so sorry to hear the loss of Mr.Hampton. He was a good man and will be missed.

Tricia Truman Klebba
Margie I am soooo terribly sorry to hear this news. How I ache for you. Please know that I will be praying for you. Let me know if you need anything and I'll come see you and help however you need it. Hugs my sweet friend.

Eric Metzler
Dear Margie, like so many others I'm so very sorry to about Mr. Hampton's passing. He was a good man and helped while at Campion in many ways. He will be missed. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Martha Diaz Loge
Marge, I am so sorry to hear of Hal's passing, you both are very special to me. Hal will be missed. I pray for your strength and peace.

Shannon Briggman-Hagen
Mrs. Hampton, My prayers are with you and your family during your time of loss. Mr. Hampton was an awesome principal. He will be missed.

Jerry Mahn
Just heard the news...Mr. Hampton, you will be missed! Prayers for you, Margie, and the family...

Gary McCary
Harold Hampton, my high school choir director, died last week. He taught me everything I know about singing in a choral group. And he made choir trips one of the highlights of those high school years. So here's to you, Mr. Hampton. See you on the other side.

Dawn Gustafson Barclay Ah, fleeting LIFE. Today I have celebrated and grieved for the life of Harold Hampton. Those days were halcyon days at SPA...full of learning and growth, and music and joy...all the good stuff that life and memories are made of. Mr. Hampton will ever live in my memories ...He was a real blessing in my life and I look forward to making music with him again...Hallelujah

• • • • • • •
Bernice Hardy Anderson
Sept 2007
• • • • • • •
David Bruce Hawthorne '70

April 20, 1952 -- April 10, 2005

Bruce Hawthorne passed away peacefully April 10, 2005, at Palomar Medical Center. A 42-year resident of Escondido, California, Bruce had served in the Air Force; spent much of his life in his family's business, Hawthorne Rent-It-Service; and was the owner of McFadden Feed Store in Escondido. Bruce attended San Pasqual Academy and graduated from Orange Glen High School in 1970.
Bruce is survived by his parents, Tom and Dorothy Hawthorne of Escondido; brother Brian Hawthorne of Escondido; sisters Debbie Ness of Poway and Chris Singer of Idyllwild; children Summer Davis of Escondido, April Velarde of Vista, Bruce Hawthorne Jr. of Carlsbad; and Julie Engelgau of Texas; and granddaughter Sage Ann Marie Davis of Escondido.
A memorial service was held at the Escondido Country Club on Saturday, April 16, at 3 p.m. for close family and friends.
In lieu of flowers, the family recommended contributions be made in Bruce's name to the Helen Woodward Animal Center, 6461 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.
A Remembrance from a friend: I remember hanging around with Bruce, Ted Pernula, Boyd Henly and Les Brown. Bruce ALWAYS had a big grin on his face. . .was fun to be around. My thoughts go out to his family. Danny J Goff '70

• • • • • • •

Richard Haughey passed away June 30, 2006 after a short illness of brain cancer. "Dick" was born in Lexington, Kentucky to Paul and Bernice Haughey. During his senior year at Shenandoah Academy he met his first wife, Barbara Crouch. They were married in 1957. In 1958 Dick and Barbara moved to San Pasqual Academy to help his dad, Paul in the bindery. During his 10 years at San Pasqual Academy he was assistant boy's dean and then became manager of the bindery. He was a much sought after class sponsor and was very popular with both students and faculty. Through the years many former students would contact Dick to thank him, share their memories of him and tell him the impact he had on their lives and their appreciation and respect for him.
Dick received a wonderful 22nd birthday present when their daughter Teri Lynn was born on August 2, 1959. A little over 4 years later their family was complete with the birth of their son, Richard Stephen Haughey, II born in December 1963.
Dick left San Pasqual Academy in 1968 and moved to Escondido to attend school and became a stock broker so that he could better provide for his family. He worked for 38 years at several brokerage firms and was manager for the last 16 years. Tragedy struck the Haughey family when on their 16th wedding anniversary, December 15, 1973, Barbara suddenly died of a rare congenital heart defect. Dick took on the role of being a single parent and with his usual strength, determination, poise and positive attitude he did his best to fill the roles of both father and mother.
In 1975 Dick married Marolyn Kunkel (class of 1962) and blended their two families with Marolyn's children; Todd and Kristi, and Dick's children Teri and Rick. He became very loyal to his new family and worked very hard and diligently to provide for them. They went on many cherished vacations. It is a tribute to both Dick and Marolyn that they were able to truly accomplish one of life's most difficult tasks, that of blending two families in to one. In June of 1981 the family became complete when Dick and Marolyn adopted Lenae.
Dick had an enormous passion for Christian education. He wanted his 5 children to attend private Christian schools. One year, the 4 older children were all in college at the same time. In 2005 Dick completed paying for 40 years of Christian education for his children. Throughout the years, he financially supported many other students with their education and service projects.
Dick had a deep love for all his family. One of the greatest joys was taking his father to England where Paul was able to celebrate his 80th birthday by visiting the house where he was born in Nottingham, England. The last 6 years of his life, Dick had become an avid cyclist. He had the opportunity to cycle through France, completing many of the Tour De France bike routes, with his sons in August 2005.
In 2000, his daughter Teri Haughey-Kuhlman, was diagnosed with melanoma. Dick supported Teri and encouraged her in every way he could. Sadly, Teri lost her battle with melanoma in January of 2004.
He was actively involved in the Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church. He served on numerous committees. He also helped with a number of community projects. He also became passionate about raising funds for Cancer Research.
The family received devastating news in March of 2006. It was discovered that Dick had 2 brain tumors and after a biopsy was done in April, it revealed that Dick had stage 4 glioblastoma. He was so brave and strong through his short illness. His concerns were always for his family. His earthly life ended on Friday, June 30, 2006.
Dick was preceded in death by his parents, Paul and Bernice, his wife Barbara in 1973 and his daughter Teri in 2004. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Marolyn Haughey; sons, Rick Haughey and wife Marie, Todd Petrik and wife Naomi; daughters Kristi McGee and husband Bill and Lenae Haughey; son-in-law Curtis Kuhlman, sister Dottie Gillon and husband Bill. He was also blessed with 8 grandchildren, numerous family members and a multitude of friends.
In closing , I think it is safe to say that God graced and blessed our lives through the life of Richard Stephen Haughey.
• • • • • • •
Teri Haughey-Kuhlman '77

Teri Haughey Kuhlman, 44
WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Teri Haughey Kuhlman, 44, died Thursday, January 29, 2004, at her home of melanoma.
Teri was born on August 2, 1959, in Escondido, Calif. She attended elementary School at the Escondido Adventist Academy and graduated from San Pasqual Academy. She graduated from Walla Walla College with a bachelor's degree in health and physical education.
She had lived in Walla Walla, Wash., for the past 22 years, where she taught in the physical education department and was the office manager for the department. She was very active in competitive triathlons and was a finisher in the Canadian Ironman. She was founder of several athletic yearly events. This past year she was the main feature of an "Escape Series" documentary on Blue Mountain Television showcasing individuals who have great courage facing life's difficulties. Teri was an active member of the Walla Walla College Seventh-day Adventist Church. She enjoyed her roles as a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. She was an avid athlete, artistic and creative. She fought valiantly for over three years with her disease.
Teri was preceded in death by her mother, Barbara, in 1973; and grandparents Paul and Bernice Haughey.
Survivors include her husband of 22 years, Curtis Kuhlman and son, Spencer of Walla Walla, Wash.; parents Richard and Marolyn Haughey of Escondido; two brothers, Rick Haughey of Palos Verde Estate, Calif., and Todd Petrik of Sacramento, Calif.; two sisters, Kristi McGee of Poway, Calif., and Lenae Haughey of Escondido, Calif. She is also survived by her in-laws, Hale and Dolores Kuhlman of Rainbow, Calif.; brothers-in-law Hale Kuhlman Jr. of Valencia, Calif., and Brad Kuhlman of Santa Maria, Calif.; sister-in-law Renee McKaig of Riverside, Calif.; grandmother Dorothy Kibbey of Escondido, Calif. She is also survived by 14 nieces and nephews; brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and a multitude of friends.
A funeral was held on Monday, February 2, 2004, at the Walla Walla College Seventh-day Adventist Church with over 850 people in attendance. Burial was in the Mount Hope Cemetery, College Place, Wash. Mountain View Funeral Chapel of Walla Walla, Wash., handled the arrangements.
A memorial service was held for Teri on Saturday, February 21, 2004, at 2:30 p.m. at the Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church, 331 West Fourth Ave.
The family suggests donations be made to the "Teri Lynn Kuhlman Cancer Foundation" for melanoma research or to a college fund set up for her son, Spencer. Donations may be made through the Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church.
A remembrance from a friend:
"Teri was a vivacious young woman with a beautiful smile. She loved life and was always giggling at something. I remember her with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and her cute curly blond hair. As many of her classmates know, she married Curtis Kuhlman, also from the class of 1977."
Sally (Schleifer) Baugh

• • • • • • •
Kathleen Hixon
July 3, 1919 - November 16, 2009
Girl’s Dean '69 - 72

Kathleen passed away at the age of 90 after a short illness. She was born in Absarokee, MT to Thomas and Mabel Kemph. She grew up at Custer, MT with her 5 brothers and 1 sister. She graduated from Walla Walla University. Over the span of her 51 year career she taught elementary through high school students. She was also Dean of Girls at Mt. Ellis Academy, San Pasqual Academy and Monterey Bay Academy. Kathleen is survived by her two daughters, Cathy Lea Villabos and Marilea Quiney, her grandchildren; Tashia Pesl Webb, Annie Norman, Steven Churchin, Jaime Kocher, seven great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. She was a life-time member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Her life was devoted to serving young people and serving her God. A memorial service was be held on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Redding Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 2828 Eureka Way, Redding, CA 96001.
If you would like to add a comment, please email that to:
Webmaster and We will post it here in honor of Mrs Hixon.

• • • • • • •
Frederick G. Hoyt
Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 3.00.05 PM

Born in Wasco, California on June 11, 1920, passed away June 27, 2012 in Riverside, California at the age of 92. Fred was raised in central California, moving to La Sierra in 1935. Serving during World War II as a radioman for the Signal Intelligence Service, he was based in Hawaii and on Okinawa. Fred graduated from La Sierra College in 1948 with a BA degree in History and Religion. He taught History at San Pasqual Academy from 1950-1951 He did his graduate work at Claremont Graduate University, receiving his Masters in History in 1955, and his doctoral degree in 1963, as well as serving as a Fulbright Scholar in the Philippines during the 1955-56 school year. Joining the teaching staff at La Sierra in 1955, Frederick was a professor of History and Political Science there for more than 40 years. Dr. Hoyt served with distinction until the mid-1990s, at which point he was granted the status of Emeritus Professor.

• • • • • • •
Sharon Jarrett '62
   Sharon's father was the poultry manager for many years.
• • • • • • •
Joyce Juhl '73

Joyce E. Juhl, 47, Born May 14,1954, Loma Linda, Ca; passed away May 28,2001, College Place, Wa. Her husband preceded her in death. Surviving: sons,David Daub,Jason Daub, both of College Place,Wa. Parent's Howard(passed away 2006) and Darlene, Stanley Juhl, Dale Juhl, both of Loma Linda.

• • • • • • •
Robin Kaiser '72


Our classmate that was in the four year club, Robin Kaiser passed shortly after graduating from SPA.  She was very creative and helped design the Class of 72 logo that appears on the class sweater.

• • • • • • •
Dr. Zane Kime MD '55

Zane Kime went to San Pasqual Academy for his junior year from 53 thru 54. He died mountain climbing under mysterious circumstances in 1996. He became a famous health oriented physician, "sunlight proponent" "multiple chemical sensitivity" He was the loving brother of Faye and Stewart Kime whom also attended San Pasqual Academy. He and Frank Carson roomed together for their junior year and were known for being fun loving and mischievous. Submitted by Walt Larsen

• • • • • • •
Dr. Victor E. Knolty DDS. '54

Class of "54" and the school photographer at the time. Victor and his wife spent their retirement time traveling the world and giving generously to the mission field on many projects.. Died April 1, 2000 at Loma Linda, California during a move from Riverside to Reche Canyon where they had just bought a new dwelling. Info submitted by walt Larsen, class of 54

• • • • • • •
Mickey Lawson '63
March 30, 1946 - March 31, 2012
• • • • • • •
Barbara (Lewis) Williams '72
Passed November 2013
BarbaraScreen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.01.09 AM

Barbara passed away at home on November 29 surrounded by her family after celebrating Thanksgiving and her Birthday.

"Memorial services for Barbara (Lewis) were Sunday, Dec. 15th at the La Sierra University Church (Riverside, CA) at 11am.

if wishing to donate financially, we ask that these go to the La Sierra University with a note mentioning 'In Memory of Barbara Williams'. These donations will be directed towards aiding those adults who are coming back to complete their education - something she cared about deeply.

Her family greatly appreciate the love coming from all of Barbara's friends. She was blessed to have had the opportunity to establish the many friendships she had (and maintained) over the years.

• • • • • • •
Scott Loeffler '68

• • • • • • •
Luane Logan
luane logan

Luane Sue Logan peacefully passed away on Friday, January 11, 2012 at the Ray Hickey Hospice House in Vancouver, Washington at the age of 68 years.

Luann served 7 years at San Pasqual Academy in Escondido, California and 30 years at Highland Academy in Portland, Tenn. retiring in 2009. She taught piano, bell choir, and accounting. She was also the librarian and choir accompanist.

• • • • • • •
Brian Manuel '83

Brian died on April 2005. Brian was known at SPA for his wonderful voice  choir and his humor.  Brian was a good friend to his fellow classmates. 

• • • • • • •
Jim Mason '60
Passed April 7, 2014
• • • • • • •
Gary McClintock '72

Our classmate during our senior year, Gary McClintock passed shortly after graduating from SPA.  Gary was involved in holding down various civic positions while in school but best remembered as a jokester with a big laugh.

• • • • • • •
Bob Mead '62
• • • • • • •
Susan (Murphy) Monick ’77      
10/04/58 – 05/26/10  

It is with great sadness we announce that Susan died of a massive heart attack and passes away around 1 am on 05/26/10.  She had no previous history of heart problems and there was no warning. Susan was discovered by her husband Steve around 5 am.  She was 51 years old and leaves behind her husband of 17 years Steve, and her 12-year-old twins Sarah and Stevie.  Susan and her family are active members of the Manassas SDA Church in Virginia. One of Susan’s gifts was to make receiving blankets for the new baby’s being dedicated in the Manassas Church.  She embroidered the baby’s name and date of dedication to the Lord along with a scripture as a remembrance of the date for the family to keep. Many of the things Susan did were never known as she did them often anonymously or from the background. Her loving spirit and smile will be always remembered by those who were lucky enough to have known her.
The family asks that you support Susan’s latest ministry project.  Susan was greatly concerned about the homeless and needy in her community.  A program was in the process of development through the Manassas Church at Susan’s bidding that assists those who need financial assistance with food, shelter, medicine, and education in the greater Manassas community.  You may send money to support this ministry, or if you live locally you may contact Pastor Joey Pollom to see what assistance is needed via the Manassas SDA Church,  9858 Fairmont Ave, Manassas, Virginia.  Any money sent needs to have a note that states this money is to go to the “Susan Monick Compassion Fund”.
Until we meet again at Jesus’ feet, Susan, rest in peace. The class of 1977 sends our prayers and condolences to the Murphy and Monick families.

• • • • • • •

Steven Neuharth '70

Steven Ruben Neuharth, San Pasqual Academy Graduate 1970 March 27, 1952 -- born in Inglewood, California
May 1970 -- Graduated from San Pasqual Academy
May 1975 -- Graduated from Southern Missionary College June 1, 1975 -- Married to Sharilyn Mae Taylor, identical twin to Marilyn (Taylor) Gordon, & daughter of LeRoy and Helen Taylor
June 7, 1975 -- Steve & Sharilyn died in car accident in Ogallala, Nebraska, returning from honeymoon

Buried together in Glenn Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, California
Book about Steve's Life: "Once You Start Climbing, Don't Look Down," by Richard Utt with Ruben and Nancy Neuharth, Published by Pacific Press -- Now out of print, but copies are available from Steve's parents, the Neuharths, PO Box 460777, Escondido, CA 92046, Phone 760-743-2444. Book written by Steve: Growing Up, his philosophy of life which was actually written as a class project at San Pasqual Academy Steve is survived by -- his parents, Ruben & Nancy Neuharth of Escondido; brother Gary Neuharth of Redlands, CA; brother Dennis Neuharth of Sturgeon, MO; and sister Nancy (Neuharth) Troyer of Sun Lakes-Banning, CA
Info submitted by Steve's sister Nancy (Neuharth) Troyer

• • • • • • •
Rupert Norris '67

Rupert came to SPA in his senior year, from his home in Barstow, California. I can refer to my Alape, to see what nutshell slogan I wrote beside his portrait, as I did for most of my classmates soon after graduation while I still remembered them. There I see that I wrote, of Rupert, "Thinks for himself." The reason I didn't write "Speaks for himself" is I suspect because I don't remember ever hearing Rupert speak. To my memory he was introverted and quiet, and I never made an effort to talk to him. I have a personal story about Rupert and me. While I cannot remember him ever willingly interacting with anyone, he and I accidentally interacted forcefully one day in PE class. As a way of practicing for basketball we were divided into two teams for steal-the-bacon, the "bacon" being the basketball placed midway between the two rows of boys. The object was to beat your corresponding opponent to the ball if your number was called and make a basket with it. Rupert and I ended up with the same number, our number was called, we raced for the ball, bent down, and smashed heads together. I trust this story to be true but must rely on hearsay from witnesses as I remember none of it. I suffered a steal-the-baconcussion with enough amnesia to make me forget whether or not we had already done Xmas and exactly who was my girlfriend. Rupert has been my blame-all for years ever since. Long before I was old enough to be having a "senior moment" I could plead "amnesia due to a concussion" and pardon all my flub-ups on a "sports injury in high school." It's a handy excuse for someone who flubs up as frequently as I do; I recall Rupert often, as a result. I look at his portrait now, not as a peer but as an older man observing a boy. I see that Rupert is indeed thinking. He looks deep in thought. He always looked as though he were deep in thought. Rupert looks serious. He always looked serious. I suspect he possessed a great amount of self awareness and self acceptance, as he seemed to seek little of it from others. He didn't show the need to bounce his thoughts and opinions off of others hoping for peer approval. Now, decades later, when I look at his portrait I wish I could ask what's on his mind, what he is so serious about. I'll bet he could floor me with answers. While we are certain of the fact that Rupert is deceased, regretfully we lack any verifiable information as to the circumstance of his death. Rumored to have been killed during service in Viet Nam, we hope to learn more about Rupert's life and death. This remembrance is but a trifle, especially if our classmate did in fact sacrifice his life in war. Please share the full story if you know anything more. Submitted by: Ron Richardson '67

• • • • • • •
Doug O'Neil '70
Passed January 23, 2014

• • • • • • •
Bernardo Ochoa '72

Our classmate during our junior and senior year, Bernardo Ochoa went into nursing after graduating from SPA.  

• • • • • • •
Sally Joan Page ’58

Sally Joan Page Yeager-September 21, 1939 – January 4, 2006, was born in Wysetta, MN.  She grew up in St. Helena, CA and then attended San Pasqual Academy from 1954 - 1958.  She had several careers following graduation, including dental technician, real estate sales, secretary and bereavement councilor. 
Sally had two children; Debbie who was killed tragically in an auto accident when she was only 21 years old, and Daniel, who survives.  She is also survived by a granddaughter, Danielle.
 Sally lived in Orange County, CA until three years ago when she moved to Menifee (near Temecula, CA) to be closer to her son.  She passed away in her home on Tuesday, January 4, 2006.  Her son, and her long time friend Helen Dorchuck Trainer ’58 were with her.
Sally enjoyed singing in the SPA choir when she was in academy and in her church choir during her adult years.  Those of us who knew and loved her will remember her joy of living, her wonderful laugh and her great smile.  She died with her hand in the hand of Jesus.

• • • • • • •
Marlene (Patterson) Leno '85
Marlene passed away May 21, 2012 in Vancouver, Washington.
• • • • • • •

David Pimental '74

David passed away February 19, 1988, in a plane crash at Big Bear, California. He was at a camp meeting with the Seventh-Day Adventist Singles Group. On Sabbath afternoon, a gentleman in this group was taking people up for plane rides in his Cessna. David went up with him alone, and the pilot decided to show off to some young ladies watching from the ground with an acrobatic stunt called a "Hammerhead". This stunt is where the airplane goes straight up into the air and then stalls the engine. The pilot did not go high enough and the plane immediately hit the ground in front of the singles group watching the plane. They both died immediately from impact. My family was told by the Federal Aviation Investigation team the pilot was not licensed to do stunts, and probably did not know that acrobatic stunts are not performed at high elevations. It was tragic loss for our family for we loved him very much. David loved life, loved people, loved adventure, but most of all loved God. I miss him very much, but I know someday I will see him soon. Susan Vague, Class of "74" (David's sister)

• • • • • • •
Sheryl A. Sansonetti '70
Passed away May 6, 2014
• • • • • • •
Vernon W Schmidt

Vernon W. Schmidt of Cottonwood, AZ died at home on Monday January 27, 2014 at the age of 87. His devoted wife and lifelong sweetheart was at his side, holding his hand and stroking his forehead. His entire life was spent in the service of the Lord as a teacher in Seventh-Day Adventist schools.  He was a member and elder in the Cottonwood Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  

His presence and guidance will be sorely missed by family, church members, and the thousands of student lives he touched during his life. He is survived by his loving wife Ruby M Schmidt and his daughter Susan Moran and his son Stephen Schmidt.  

• • • • • • •
Michael K Skinner '71
Dec 22, 1952 - April 2, 2017


Mike 11012141_10207182631860956_6321587794154064136_n

Michael (Mike) was born in Utah and lived in Utah and California most of his life. He was living in Minersville, Utah when he passed away. He was an avid outdoorsmen. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, off-roading, and hiking. He loved studying wildflowers. He was more at home outside enjoying nature than anything else. He passed away do to a boating accident. He leaves behind his wife Janelle, his sister Danine Lorenzo, and many friends who will miss him greatly. His close buddies at SPA where Danny J Goff, Les Brown, Ted Pernula, and Boyd Henley and many others.

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Arn & Joanne Slater '52 - '62 Faculty

Arn was the Boy's Dean from 1952 - 1962. He passed away 07, 1999. Their son Kent grew up on campus. Both Joanne and Kent were killed together in an automobile accident on the way to church as a result of the Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire Recall. They passed away in 11, 2001. Information was submitted by Ron Woods '60 who is Joanne's brother.

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Carrie (Smith) Jewell '72

Our classmate during our junior and senior year, Carrie Smith-Jewell passed on August 2, 2013 in Salmon Arm British Columbia, Canada.  She was married to her husband Bill for 27 years and is survived by her three children Lauren, Micky, and Devin.

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Pastor D. K. & Barbara Smith (Faculty & Church Pastor)

Pastor D.K. Smith passed away on 5/15/2002. His wife Barbara has also passed. He was a longtime Bible teacher and Church Pastor at SPA.
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James Smith '62
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Jon Sones '69

Jon attended SPA his freshman year in 1965-66. He and I, Ron Richardson, were each other's first room mates. We were part of a group of students who worked at the school during the summer of '65, commuting daily from the Vista-Escondido area. He and his sister Jodi ('66) were among my first SPA friends because of our daily contact working and commuting that summer. When we learned that we would be assigned to room mates if we had not requested one, John and I decided to request to room together. We were two years apart in age but at least we knew each other and liked each other. We were both new to dormitory life, and I'm glad to say we made the adjustment easy for each other. We got along fine, but before I got to know him well we were each making friends in our respective classes. Funny how today there would be no real difference between us in age, but a H.S. freshman and a H.S. junior are considerably different. We mutually parted, once we were each more secure in our new surroundings and had made more friends. We didn't hang together as we were in far different classes, but we always acknowledged each other warmly as our first dorm brother, there for each other when we were raw and nervous. It has been so many years since someone told me of Jon's death that I don't remember who I heard it from. But I remember hearing with sorrow that Jon died of pneumonia while serving in Viet Nam. Anyone with information is warmly urged to share it here. Submitted by: Ron Richardson '67
The Words below were Submitted by his sister, Jodi Sones, class of 1966 (Added July 30, 2008)
Jon was born September 26, 1949 as John Lester Sones. He died in Viet Nam of pneumonia on June 26, 1971, just 3 months shy of his 22nd birthday. I remember going to a county fair that year with my parents while we were awaiting the return of his body for burial. There were veterans at that fair with a short wave radio letting friends and family talk to their boys in Viet Nam. We all just stood there and cried. I still cry, even after all these years (it is 2008 as I write this).
Most people from San Pasqual didn't realize it, but besides being left handed he had one eye that was almost blind. Because of this he was set back two years in public schools. Going to school with kids two years younger than you made it even tougher for him, especially when you are a bit tall for your age. My parents decided that maybe San Pasqual would help, so they enrolled him in the grade school there so he could at least be with kids his own age. It did help some as he did finish grade school and attend one year as a freshman, but just didn't have the discipline necessary for school work.
His real craft was art, and most especially restoring automobiles. He could put a coat of paint on a car that was just amazing, and with no special equipment, only a spray gun and the old shed in the back yard. He could draw anything. You should have seen the pictures of automobiles he drew. He was truly a talented artist and school just wasn't meant for him.

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Sharon (LaCroix) Rader Class of 1981

6/14/1963 - 7/12/1994
Sharon passed away from an Asthma attack.
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Daniel Shull
Class of 1973
Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.30.24 PM
January 17, 2014

After a brief stay in the hospital, Daniel Shull, class of 1973, passed away on January 17, 2014. He was 59.

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Otto Stokes
Class of 1972


3/29/55 ~ 8/23/11

Otto H. Stokes attended his junior year San Pasqual Academy in 1971.  He was a member of the Class of 1972, and spent the majority of his life living in the San Diego area.

Otto attended Orangewood College and then joined the United States Army to serve his country.

On August 23, 2011, Otto passed away while living in Chula Vista, California.  He leaves behind his mother Vivian. Father, Otto Sr, and a brother & sister.

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Francis "Hap" Stump '70

May 10, 1952 - June 8, 1997
Hap passed away at his family cabin due to an accident. He had a Doctorate in Psychology and practiced in the St Helena area.
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John Underwood
Staff 1969 - 1996

John Underwood, 78, died, Monday, August 15, 2011, in Loma Linda California.  He was born September 5, 1932, at Beach, North Dakota, to Art and Alice Underwood. 

John attended college at Wahpeton, North Dakota and at Walla Wallla College in Washington, then worked at Harris Pine Mills until 1969 when he moved his family to San Pasqual Academy.  He worked for the poultry ranch delivering eggs until he took an early retirement in 1996 after developing Parkinson's Disease. He served in the Army in the Korean conflict from 1953-1955.

John is survived  by his wife, Ilo; their three children, Darolyn Underwood and her fiance, Alan; Todd Underwood and Donna; Corey Underwood and Laura; four grandchildren; four great grandchildren; three sisters, Marianne Hoag, Alice Krueger and Allen, Cathy Underwood; and one sister-inlaw, Bonnie Underwood.  He was preceded in death by his brother, George. Ilo requested that we share her contact info:

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Sharon Wanamaker (Kraft) '67
May 8, 1949 - November 2, 2007
Memorial Video
Eulogy for Sharon Lea Kraft By Tyler R. Kraft

When Sharon Lea Wanamaker was born on May 8, 1949, she displayed a talent for being a special blessing to her loved ones, which she would continue to exhibit throughout her life. She brought more happiness to her parents, George and Edna, than the typical newborn brings, because that year, May 8 happened to be Mother’s Day. As an only child, when Sharon was delivered at 12:34 a.m. at a Murphy Hospital in Whittier, Calif., her birth was the true dawn of Mother’s Day.
As little Sharon grew up, she developed a good sense of humor, though sometimes that humor would get her into trouble. One day she decided to play a little joke on her mom and she went into the kitchen and replaced the sugar with salt. Sharon’s timing could not have been better, as later that day her mom decided to bake an apple pie. She waited in anticipation for the dessert to come at dinner, so they all could have a good laugh. Needless to say, after a long, hard day at work, her dad was not in a laughing mood when he took the first bite of pie.
Sharon used her humor to cope with life. While she was raised in an abusive home, it was not all bad. She enjoyed her frequent camping and fishing trips with her dad and had fond memories of doing many things in the outdoors. As she got older, Sharon became involved with sports at school and won awards in basketball, baseball and swimming to name a few. Additionally, she developed quite a passion for reading and cultivated her talents in writing, piano, drama and poetry.
Sharon’s mother was the youngest of six sisters, one of whom, Margaret Rickard, also lived in Whittier. She developed a close relationship with her aunt and uncle Vernon, who were long standing members of the Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church. When she graduated from eighth grade, due to her aunt and uncle’s influence, Sharon enrolled at San Pasqual Seventh-day Adventist Academy, even though she had been raised Pentecostal.
Sharon thoroughly enjoyed her time at SPA, even though it was a hard at first to adjust to a boarding school. She made straight A’s throughout and continued to develop extracurricular talents, such as public speaking. She won numerous awards and contests for her temperance speeches. Her mischievous side would also come out from time to time as well. As public displays of affection were strictly taboo in academy back then, she got a thrill out of taking part in a talent show with her boyfriend, where the performance required intimate contact, and there was nothing the faculty could do about it – even though they were sitting in the front row. Sharon’s academy years brought some pain, as her parents divorced during her sophomore year, but they also brought blessings, as she was baptized into the Adventist Church.
Her graduation was somewhat spoiled, when her long-time boyfriend broke up with her on graduation weekend. But, her heart was not to be broken for long, as a new love would come into her life that summer. Upon graduation, she stayed with her aunt, Margaret, who encouraged her to date a young man from the Whittier church, because in her words “he was the only person she knew of that was of the same caliber as Sharon.”
After rebuffing four requests for a date from this young man, Sharon finally relented on the fifth try and went to watch a musical play with Ronald Kraft. During the play, she kept scooting away from Ron, inch by inch, afraid that he was going to put his arm around her. Finally the man on her other side, requested that she kindly sit back in her own seat. But despite the rocky beginning, Ron and Sharon’s relationship began to deepen. When Sharon left for Walla Walla College at the end of the summer, they began to correspond and entered into a long-distance relationship that last four years.
At Walla Walla, Sharon entered the nursing program, but she never did quite feel at home there - even though her best friend whom she met in academy, Shirley Lay, was a student there as well. Tragedy struck during her junior year, as her mother passed away. After taking care of her mother’s affairs, Sharon busied herself in her school work, trying to make up for the large amount of time she lost. She was successful and managed to graduate with the class of 1971, the same one she had started with; an accomplishment she was quite proud of.
The relief of completing her B.S.N. and P.H.N. brought much joy to Sharon, and that Christmas brought even more, as she accepted Ron’s marriage proposal. But, a few months passed, and it became apparent that a recommitment was needed. So Ron proposed a second time and again Sharon said yes. They were married on December 3, 1972, at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles; a church that was featured in last week’s episode of Ugly Betty.
As Sharon adjusted to married life, she was excelling in her career. She worked as a neonatal nurse at the White Memorial Adventist hospital until she passed her nursing boards. Upon passing the boards, she was hired as the director of nurses at a home health agency, which was the nursing field she stayed in for the rest of her career.
During this time, Sharon and Ron took their first trip together, they attended the World’s Fair in Seattle, and so began Sharon’s love affair with traveling. In the following few years, they took trips to Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and many other states. Sharon had to put her passion for traveling on hold for a few months in 1981, when she learned she was pregnant.
On November 20, 1981, two weeks before her ninth wedding anniversary, Sharon gave birth to me, Tyler Ronald Kraft. My proud parents brought me home to my nursery that my mom had fully decorated with the animal of her obsession - panda bears. She had always loved animals in general, but for some reason, she was really taken with pandas. In fact, the den in our house was so completely filled with panda décor that we referred to it as the Panda Room. And growing up, I thought that all dens were called panda rooms, so needless to say I got plenty of odd looks from my friends when I asked them where their panda rooms were.
Sharon was a stay-at-home mom, until I was old enough to go to preschool. Even though she started working again, she still made it seem that she was always around. Some of my best early childhood memories were waiting for her to pick me up from preschool so we could go home and watch Little House on the Prairie together. She really knew how to make even the simple things special.
As time went on, Sharon continually proved herself as an excellent wife, mother and nurse. Unfortunately, in 1991, after a bout with chronic fatigue syndrome, she was diagnosed with degenerative neuropathy. This condition was dehabilitating to the point where she could no longer work and she became permanently disabled.
After an adjustment period of realizing that she could not longer walk as far or stand as long as she used to, Sharon began to travel again. Sometimes, if not usually, she and Ron would take me along and the older I became, the more places the three of us went. Our family visited some amazing places together and it was because of Sharon’s drive to see as much of the world as possible. She did so much traveling, that she eventually became a travel agent basically as a hobby. It was her goal to visit 100 countries in her lifetime, and she was exceedingly happy several months ago, when she took a trip that brought her total to 108. In addition to those many countries, she also visited all 50 states and state capitols.
Not being able to work any more, caused Sharon some distress, but she was able to use her abundance of time to help her husband and son with whatever we needed her to do. She was so supportive and sacrificed a great deal to help us succeed. When I was in eighth grade, my school was raising money by selling See’s candy bars. My mother knew that I wanted to win the contest in the worst way, so she would take me to grocery stores and sit in the car watching me for hours as I tried to sell as many as I could. That year, I set a record and sold 2,400 candy bars – thanks to her.
Sharon continued to face all of the trials and successes of life with the same quiet elegance that she had always had. But in 2003, after our family dog Toby died and after getting into a severe car accident, her health problems started to get worse and a depression set in. For a little over two years, she would rarely get off of the couch. It was disheartening for my dad and me to watch her deteriorate, despite our best efforts.
Then in June 2006, things started to turn around when Sharon decided to get gastric bypass surgery. She started to lose a tremendous amount of weight, and the passion for life that had been dormant for so long returned. She was soon driving again and going places like Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo. She began to take classes for fun and meet new people and became much more involved at church. Simply put, she was thriving.
Even in December 2006, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she continued to savor life. Through all of the difficulties that came with the disease she had the most positive outlook on life that I can ever remember her having. She fought the surgeries by going to watch plays. She combated the doctor’s visits by going to the gym. She battled the chemo treatments by going white water rafting. She attacked the cancer by putting her life in the hands of Christ. She may have lost the battle with cancer, but with her faith firmly placed in God, I am convinced that she won the war.
Sharon is survived by her husband of almost 35 years, Ron; her son Tyler, stepmother Sharla Wanamaker; half brothers Glenn, Paul and Greg Wanamaker; half sister Christina Tate; aunts Margaret Rickard, Izora Trammel and Maxine Oldham; and numerous cousins and friends.
Sharon Lea Kraft was the sunshine and I’m sure that most of us here have felt the warmth of her rays. Now the sun is gone, but Mama, I will see you in the morning.

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Teresa (Watts) Macomber '72

Teresa Watts-Macomber '72 passed away August 22, 2010 in Keene, Texas. She has been battling cancer for about 2 years. She was married to Ron Macomber, has 3 children, Rebecca Macomber (Hawaii, in Graduate School for Library Science),Rachel Macomber Lawry (Married to Gavin Lawry, just graduated with an Education Degree), Kerstie Macomber (Freshman in High School). Teresa worked as an Elementary School Teacher (BA Education from PUC) for many years in several States and also obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work (Walla Walla College). She has been working at Southwestern University in the Financial Aid Department for the last few years. Her sister Sherry Watts-Goff '74 also attended SPA in the Class of 1974. She leaves behind her children as well as her Mother, Joyce Watts, Her Brother Stephen Watts, Her sister Sherry Goff and her sister Adrienne Cole as well as a large family and many friends who will miss her very much.
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Gary Woods '55

Gary passed away 11/1964 as the result of a car accident in Northern California. Information was submitted by Ron Woods '60.

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Judith Woods '56
Judith passed away 4/23/14
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Sue (Woods) Woodward '68
SUE WOODS'68Sue Woods-2010
1968 2010

Sue passed away 11-11-12 with her immediate family gathered together. A full Tribute will be added when we have more details.

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Bill Wyatt '54

Bill attended for one and a half years at SPA. Ed Stringer roomed with Bill for the junior year. Click on the link to view a tribute webpage for our classmate Bill. 1935-2009 created by Walt Larsen.