The ”New“ San Pasqual Academy

The Academy grounds including all of the building were sold to San Diego County after the original school closed in 1997. It is now used as a group home, school and counseling center for troubled children. It is again touching & changing many lives just as it was intended to do by it's original founders.

We as an Alumni Association are very interested in what the present school is doing and are honored that the present administration allows us to come back to ”our“ beloved campus for reunions every year.

We as an Alumni Association has made it our goal to help improve the campus with special projects as time goes one. In 2008 we replaced the tables in the grove that were burned by the Wild Creek SPA Fires with very sturdy cement tables that will last for many years. We also provide scholarships to outstanding students every year from the school.

Please be aware that we are allowed on campus once a year as a privilege. This program is closed to the public generally as it is a group home and there are privacy issues that need to be adhered to. Even though it still ”feels“ like ”our“ school, it is not. Please respect their privacy and enjoy the campus every year at Reunion time when they are ready for us to visit!

Website for the New School

This is a great video that explains the work they do on campus

Quintin Jammer - San Pasqual Academy